Custom Built Computers and Servers

Custom Built Computers:

We currently offer custom built performance PC's for Business, Gaming, Internet, and more.  All of our custom built computers are designed with the best compilation of parts for the intended use.  The common practice of picking parts out of a list and having them built into a computer rarely yields a quality and stable system.  Even using all brand name components doesn't guarantee a stable PC. takes the guesswork out and does the research and testing for you.  You can save both time and money by ordering your PC through Tampa Techs!

Custom Built Servers:

  • File and Storage Servers
  • Internet and Web Servers
  • Mail Servers
  • Database Servers
  • Application Servers
  • Network Domain Management and Security Servers

Real servers utilize technology designed for stability and reliability while servicing multiple users. These systems may utilize multiple processors to speed up use, hard drive redundancy arrays to avoid data loss in the event of hard drive failure, and enhanced redundant network adapters to increase speed or avoid losing server access in case of network adapter failure.