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On-site Computer Service and Repair:


Tampa Techs offers onsite computer troubleshooting, upgrades, and repair services for PCs, Servers, and Notebooks.  Computer service and repair services are available to both home and business users.  Tampa Techs offers flexible scheduling and extended businesses hours to accommodate your computer service needs.

Business Networking Solutions:


Remote Administration - With Remote Administration Tampa Techs can meet your day to day IT needs.  You can utilize Tampa Techs on an as needed basis in lieu of having a full-time employee.  Tampa Techs can handle most software related tasks remotely; From adding users and setting user access rights, to updating software and troubleshooting network issues.

Security & Disaster Recovery - Statistics show that most businesses will face serious issues such as viruses, malicious users, or hardware failures.  After one of these events occurs there are critical procedures to follow to be sure that no further data is destroyed or lost following the initial event.  Tampa Techs will perform these procedures and recover as much as possible depending on the situation.  In addition, if Tampa Techs is already managing your business network or computers, you will have the best chance for total recovery and to avoid these pitfalls.

Emergency Rush and Priority Services - Today's small businesses rely heavily on their IT equipment.  Serious computer errors, crashes, and system downtime can be very costly to them.  Tampa Tech's rush and priority service options ensure that these businesses experience as little downtime as possible. Tampa Techs shares the responsibly for the urgency of your need.

Service, Maintenance, and Support Agreements - Tampa Techs is able to provide priority service without rush labor fees and extended support through service, maintenance, and support agreements.

Powerful, Custom-Designed Computer Systems:


Business Computers: Tampa Techs provides top quality, custom-designed business machines.  These include custom production machines, workstations and office PC's, basic to high-end servers, and mobile systems including notebooks and other wireless devices.

Home Computers:  Tampa Techs provides custom performance PC's for any hobby.  Systems already built by Tampa Techs include Entertainment, Gaming, Graphics, Audio Production, and Video Production.




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