Tampa Bay Business Computing Solutions

Professional Network Services

Network Professionals are available to Design, Upgrade, Repair, and Administer your network.

What are you looking for in a Network Engineer or Technician?  We Provide:

  • Fast and Friendly Professional Service.
  • Experienced and dedicated Technicians and Engineers.
  • Multi-platform certified technicians to meet your needs.
  • An aggressive approach to network management to be sure our clients get the most from their investment.
  • Competitive Pricing.
  • Service agreements, maintenance contracts, and priority support available for new and pre-existing networks.

Are you under the impression that PC's and Networks don't run smoothly?  If so it's time you tried TampaTechs.com because PC's and Networks can and should run fast and stable!

This is a common misconception of most computer users.  As users most of us have come to accept the imperfection of these systems as a way of life.  We believe the reason for this is the large number of inexperienced and poorly trained technicians out there building computers and providing service. 

You may be wondering where the real techs are.  Unfortunately most of them have moved on to bigger and better paying jobs.  Once someone is qualified enough to manage your network they mostly move into full time positions doing higher level networking for larger companies. 

Our solution: We focus on building the type of team necessary to have high level motivated techs who focus on the customers rather than the next job or more money.  All of our technicians have great track records and loads of experience.  Feel free to ask about some of the jobs they've done and you'll get enthusiastic prideful responses!

Another issue is that companies contract Network Engineers to do the job of Technicians.  You may not know what the difference is so we'd like help you out here.  The famous MCSE certification is for Network Engineers.  It does NOT reflect upon someone's ability with PC and office hardware.  The MCSE is generally geared towards knowing how a network works and the software side of things. This doesn't include knowing how to troubleshoot PC issues which aren't network related though they still may effect the network.  In larger companies they often have multiple people or contract out the technician part of the job which is alright, however we have constantly seen smaller businesses pay their "Network Only" people their high rates week after week to try to resolve the same issues. If you've been paying to service the same issues week after week it may be time to try another company.

We have chosen the best people as we hope to raise the bar for all computer technicians and engineers in the Tampa Bay.  All of our primary service people are both skilled network engineers and proficient technicians.  Once other companies catch on that the expectation for efficiency and usability of computers in Tampa businesses has risen we hope they will follow our lead and provide better service.


Our standard rates are currently $150/hr.  Rush service is available for an additional fee.  You can receive discounts and avoid these fees and still get priority service by setting up a service and support agreement.

Estimates are typically done based upon an hourly rate or on a per-job basis.  We'd be more than happy to place a bid or provide an estimate for your networking needs.  We consistently provide more accurate estimates taking into account possible challenges and future expansion possibilities both in your business and in our business.  Even doing this our quotes are usually lower than the competition.  For these reasons, with TampaTechs.com, next time you need service you can rest assured you did not waste your money on the last service call because we had already planned ahead to minimize cost and transition time.