About Us

Our Background

TampaTechs.com is privately owned and operated by Adam Camuti.  Adam has spent over 20 years in the computer industry. His experience includes systems and network engineering, network administration, on-site computer troubleshooting and repair, end user training, retail computer store management, corporate account management, and project management. In addition, he has personally built over 500 computer systems, many of which he custom-designed specifically for the end user’s needs.

In 1999, Adam started Design Masters Net Services, the parent company of TampaTechs.com.  Design Masters provided the full range of computer services offered by TampaTechs.com, in addition to web design services.  While Design Masters is now designated primarily for web services, TampaTechs.com addresses the technological component.  Adam's was inspired to start these companies after identifying a significant need in Tampa business community. He recognized that while IT services were available there were two major shortfalls in the services provided, one was the lack of understanding of client business objectives and the other was a lack of ability to interact with the people they serve.  Therefore Tampa Techs addresses the multifaceted needs of business by combining technological expertise, business savvy, and comprehensive customer service.  Tampa Techs provides complete technology solutions with the delivery of friendly, professional service and high quality, cost effective technical solutions geared toward business objectives.  Tampa Techs ensures the quality of service by being the one stop shop for all your technology related needs.

Our Products:

TampaTechs.com takes great care in choosing products which are both high in quality and cost effective.   Tampa Techs won’t offer solutions unsuited or below standard in order to flash a rock-bottom price just to get your attention. Instead, they will find a more economic, well-suited solution to fit your needs and budget.  Tampa Techs’ clients get what they pay for and know what they’re getting.

Our Services:

TampaTechs offers more than just computer products, engineering, and network administration, they offer solutions and ideas.   The client shouldn’t have to know what they need or even what’s possible. All they should have to know is what they want to accomplish.  First, Tampa Techs will work with clients to fully understand what they are trying to achieve for their business.  Then, they will deliver products and services specifically chosen to best help them accomplish these goals.  Finally, Tampa Techs trains their clients on the products they implement, to foster optimal utilization of these products as well as user versatility.

Our Clients:

Small Businesses – TampaTechs.com is equipped to support most small businesses.  They deliver high security solutions to medical and legal professionals and organizations for which the law dictates higher levels of data protection.  They provide customized solutions to production and manufacturing businesses, and high performance solutions to clients involved in the production of graphics, videos, audio, CAD, and 3D animations.

The "Tampa Techs" Difference

  • Tampa Techs is a local company dedicated to working beside and helping businesses succeed in the Tampa Bay area.
  • Tampa Techs provides friendly, polite, and extra-patient service and support.
  • Tampa Techs explains things in terms you can understand, so that you know what you’re getting from your IT investment.
  • Tampa Techs delivers solutions with your best interests in mind.